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Kunaki Instructions

The Kunaki gateway provides you with a unique facility to fully automate your Kunaki fulfillment orders, adding both to your comfort and that of your clients.

Using this platform, you can now directly send all your Kunaki fulfillment orders in real-time, using Infusionsoft's "Send Http Post..." functionality in the "Actions (Success)" steps of order form processing.

It's important to note that, unlike other systems, the Kunaki Gateway carries out a two-way communication with Kunaki. As such, orders are never lost, even if they cannot be processed by Kunaki, and are maintained in the gateway's database, from where they can edited and resubmitted.

In Infusionsoft, US and Canadian states are stored as entered, without enforcing any rules. Kunaki, however, expects a two-letter abbreviation. This platform maintains a database with all known variations of current and past abbreviation and spelling combinations and attempts to correct any errors in the process.

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Your basic Kunaki gateway processing link is:

  • From Infusionsoft, you should use a separate "Send Http Post..." for each Kunaki product, as Kunaki doesn't have any provisions for bundled products.

Our platform supports bundles when sent as a bundle. It works as long as each multiple-product order comes in as such. What we do not / cannot support is to bundle products for you AFTER the fact.

In other words….

Scenario 1:

Customer A orders DVD-A. You process the payment and send us an HTTP POST. We process it in real-time and post to Kunaki. Customer A comes back 30 mins later and orders DVD-B. Same procedure as for DVD-A. The order for DVD-A is already out and we can no longer bundle DVD-B with DVD-A. This will result in two separate orders.

Scenario 2:

Customer A orders DVD-A and DVD-B. You process the payment and send us an HTTP POST showing both DVD-A and DVD-B. We process it in real-time and post the bundled order to Kunaki, resulting in a single order.

In summary:

You can pass as many Kunaki product ID’s as you wish in the HTTP POST. All the Kunaki product ID’s included therein will be bundled into a single fulfillment order.

To pass a single Kunaki product ID in the HTTP POST, just include “?gtwid=9999&pid=PX000001″ in the URL.

To pass multiple Kunaki product ID’s in the HTTP POST, simply include a CSV list of the same, e.g.: “?gtwid=9999&pid=PX000001,PX000002,PX000003,PX000004″
What we are unable to do at this time is to take on a dynamic orders because we expect the Kunaki product ID’s to be passed in the HTTP POST URL and you would have to hardcode that in advance in your Infusionsoft app.

The preceding link is specifically yours. Please ensure that the "Gateway ID" ("gtwid") used is indeed yours (i.e. 9999).

If you plan on sending fulfillment orders through the gateway from a source other than Infusionsoft, please speak to us first, so we may accomodate your source.