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Also, once I have exported all my IP addresses and then modified and then posted, how can I tell what I have downloaded before ( I had 9000 downloaded, but it modified only 5742 records.)


For your httpposts, you would have downloaded webform submissions. That number could easily be inflated from people filling out more than 1 webform so please check to see the actual number of unique contacts within the webform submissions to see if it's closer.


We must have some problem on our end, because it's not storing the IPaddress yet in the custom field.


It's not mapping IP Address because you're custom field is lower-cased in the picture below and in your mapping you've written it upper-cased.

Your field in Infusionsoft looks like "IPaddress" and you're mapped field below is "IPAddress" with a capital "A"


So, now I'm trying to run the http post against my existing people. I tried
a batch of 200 before going for all 11,000. :-)

Here is the post I used. I added "zipcode" at the end, and it is not filling
in any of my 200 records's Optional Address "Postal Code" field.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.



When doing the http-post, you need to remove the "Contact0" bit like the rest of the fields in this post example.

It should be PostalCode3 to work instead of Contact0PostalCode3

This is the format for HTTP POST's, NO "Contact0" for the script you insert on your page to do form submissions, you would need to do a "Contact0" before each but not here.


So, I'm getting results from new people, as seen here.

Sometimes, Postal code doesn't make it. Not sure why.

Also.. I would like to know if you would consider having a "switch" in the system such that I can choose the style of:

State = Tennessee
State = TN

For me, State = TN is a LOT LOT BETTER. We've standardized that across all records in other address fields.


For the occasionally missing postal code, we'll look into it.

For your state field, in the default settings I provided I'm having you map state to Contact0State3. There is another field "statecode" that you can map to the same Infusionsoft field to get the code instead.