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Welcome to the "responseFLOW Integration Gateway"

This is your one-stop shopping place for a number of ancillary Infusionsoft integration services, such as iGoToWebinar360, iGeoIP360 tracking and iKunaki360 Fulfillment.

All services offered through this gateway have one goal: To increase the level of automation for your marketing work, to cut down on your work and increase your efficiency.

We currently only support inbound transactions from Infusionsoft.

At the moment, however, for this site to be of any use to you, you will need:

By the time you got to this page, however, you probably already have the first two.

The software offered through this site will provide you with a few basic facilities.

  • First of all, this is a hosted application: there is no software to install. You just need to register, enter your account details and start processing. That simple...
  • As a registered user, you will be able to seamlessly integrate your Infusionsoft application and each of the services offered.

This platform is brought to you by Bob Keen - responseFLOW, Inc. - author of iMember360 (formerly infusionWP) and several best-selling Infusionsoft tools and programs.